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Mehmet Günay Eser

General Art Director

Mehmet Günay Eser / General Art Director

Mehmet Günay Eser was born in 1992, in Mersin, Tarsus. He graduated from Mersin Nevit Kodallı Anatolian Fine Arts High School ranking second at the school. Eser who graduated from Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University Music Deparment in 2015, made some surveys on music in different regions of Anatolia, principally in Çukurova. He completed surveys on musical elements on the context of sociology. He got degrees from different competitions on “solo bağlama playing”. He made presentations on the technics of bağlama in different universities.

Mehmet Günay who has an extensive interest in harmonics has many compositions including the three-string, bağlama, piano, violin, four violins and orchestra. He is doing researches on Hayri Dev’s and Ramazan Güngör’s three-string technics and he is writing two books.

He is one of the founders of AKAD (Anatolian Cultures Research Foundation) and coordinators of Music Village and doing researches on Anatolian Traditional Music in different regions and villages, especially nearby Toros Mountains.