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Aytaç Gökdağ

Project Coordinator

Aytaç Gökdağ / Project Coordinator

He was born in 1979 in İzmir. After studying Cukurova University - Faculty of Educational Sciences he worked in the teaching field. Adding a new dimension to his musical adventure which he admires, between 2010-2011 he managed Senem Diyici and Alain Blessing's projects who are important jazz musicians living in France.

Besides, during the same time, he moved to Fethiye aiming to observe the cultural and musical characteristics of the South-west Anatolia in its original place.

He made recordings of local musicians in more than 40 villages. He went to Greece in 2010 and lived there until 2013. He actively participated in WOMEX which took place in Greece in 2012. At the same time, he participated Body Music Percussion which took place in Istanbul within an authentic project. While he still works with more than 30 musicians, bands and projects, he also continues teaching, moreover he continues organizing one of his dream-projects, namely, Müzik Köyü.