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  • Music Village 2018 Program!
  • Üçtelli Quartet fascinated the South Korea!
  • Preparation for the Music Village 2018 has started!
  • Our Album “Melodies with Üçtelli From Anatolia”

Music Village Bad Endbach / Germany 2019 Artists

Ahmet Tirgil

Ahmet Tirgil, born in 1982 in Erzurum, completed his primary and secondary education in Samsun...

Dertli Divani


Kemal Dinç

Kemal Dinç was born in Istanbul in 1970. He moved to Germany after he finished the primary school. He started...

Mahan Mirarab

Mahan Mirarab is an Iranian guitarist/composer based in Vienna, Austria. He has spent years learning about...

Mehmet Günay Eser

Mehmet Günay Eser was born in 1992, in Mersin, Tarsus. Eser who graduated from Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University...

Mikail Aslan


Özgü Bulut

Özgü Bulut has been working as an academic in Ondokuz Mayıs State Conservatory since 2014...

Sylvain Barou

Sylvain Barou, from Brittany in France is considered as one of the best flute players of his generation...

Theodora Athanassiou

Theodora Athanassiou was born in Athens. She holds a degree in Education Studies from the University of Patras...

  • Turkey's first Music Village is now also in Germany

    15. 12. 2018

    Turkey’s first Music Village is now also in Bad Endbach-Germany! Seminars, workshops and concerts of the Music Village will now be held in Germany as well.

  • Process of Application

    13. 04. 2018

    Hi Music Village friend, we present you some questions and answers so that the process of application becomes easier for you.

  • Music Village 2018 Program!

    09. 04. 2018

    While the tree of the Music Village embraces the earth with its roots and the sky with its branches more tightly by the passing time, we are presenting you the 2018 Program which we prepared with diligence hoping to grow our tree.