What's New
  • Music Village 2018 Program!
  • Üçtelli Quartet fascinated the South Korea!
  • Preparation for the Music Village 2018 has started!
  • Our Album “Melodies with Üçtelli From Anatolia”

Our Logos

Music Village Logo

The Music Village’s Logo was shaped in 2016. It takes the form of nature’s and music’s essense. The green leaf surrounding the outer side of logo symbolizes nature’s music. The tree on the shape of ivy in the inerside symbolizes traditional players and masters which constitute the Music Village’s spirit. Because many different masters compose this spirit, the branches of the ivy go different ways.

The fruit notes which are placed in tips of the tree symbolize students who are learning and being raised in the Music Village. The design was first drafted by Music Village General Art Director Mehmet Günay Eser in 2015 and later took its last shape in 2016. Professional designers prepared many designs for our logo and this last shape was chosen. We will see logos and symbols of nature’s music and Music Village’s spirit.

Anatolian Culture Research Association Logo

Anatolian Cultures Research Association was first as a society in 2015. The logo used during this period was a written shape as AKAD. After it turned into an association, the logo was designed again with Music Village logo in 2016.

The written AKAD in the logo creates a vision of endless energy of the association. Two test tubes mirror the AKAD’s scientific approach to and researches of music and nature. AKAD reflects the strength that it collects from compliation Works and village concerts to the projects by combining them with the scientific and academic information. The small dots in different colors coming from the tubes symbolize the musical richness consisted of different cultures. Yellow-colored note and treble chef placed in the upper side symbolize different local musicians. Four different logos were designed and this last one was chosen.

  • Turkey's first Music Village is now also in Germany

    15. 12. 2018

    Turkey’s first Music Village is now also in Bad Endbach-Germany! Seminars, workshops and concerts of the Music Village will now be held in Germany as well.

  • Process of Application

    13. 04. 2018

    Hi Music Village friend, we present you some questions and answers so that the process of application becomes easier for you.

  • Music Village 2018 Program!

    09. 04. 2018

    While the tree of the Music Village embraces the earth with its roots and the sky with its branches more tightly by the passing time, we are presenting you the 2018 Program which we prepared with diligence hoping to grow our tree.