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  • Music Village 2018 Program!
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  • Our Album “Melodies with Üçtelli From Anatolia”

Our First Magazine Number One

13. 03. 2017

We have started our voyage two years ago as the Music Village team in Fethiye referring to the wisdom of these words: “Build your conservatories in the mountains.” “Every music detached from soil is doomed to die.

It’s a voyage, so we knew that we would experience hardships. But these hardships taught us a lot, and are still teaching. All the masters principally in Anatolia and all around the globe who no matter what kept their art alive and passed it down have been our main source of inspiration, gave us strength and led us in our route. As the Music Village team, we are following this route and we will move on.

And here we are with the Music Village Magazine on which we have been working wishing that we must prepare a media tool which will give hope to all our neighbors from Afghanistan to Turkey, from Spain to Egypt. We are presenting our bilingual magazine (both in Turkish and English) in digital environment to music lovers as a continuation of our adventure in pursuit of Anatolian and world music traditions, of the places which are in fact like an open air music school.

What will the magazine include that will be published every two months? In the Music Village Magazine, you will find music traditions that can survive besides industrial samples often mentioned in main stream media, the unusual music synthesis that are a result of a quest that we can name as new structures built upon old ones, musicians around the globe that are continuing their quest and voyage no matter how the conditions are. On the other hand, we will introduce music events and festivals that are organized despite negative conditions and handicaps. Within this frame, we will present albums from past and today.

May the limits of the music be the limits of your imagination...

  • Turkey's first Music Village is now also in Germany

    15. 12. 2018

    Turkey’s first Music Village is now also in Bad Endbach-Germany! Seminars, workshops and concerts of the Music Village will now be held in Germany as well.

  • Process of Application

    13. 04. 2018

    Hi Music Village friend, we present you some questions and answers so that the process of application becomes easier for you.

  • Music Village 2018 Program!

    09. 04. 2018

    While the tree of the Music Village embraces the earth with its roots and the sky with its branches more tightly by the passing time, we are presenting you the 2018 Program which we prepared with diligence hoping to grow our tree.