1) Where is Music Village and when does it take place? Music Village is the combination of activities which take place in villages in Fethiye district of Muğla.These activities are held during summer. The Music Village team organizes other activities during the year as well.

2) How much time do the activities take? What does “period” mean? It took one period in 2015. This year it will take place in 2 periods. Period means “term”. One period takes 4 nights and 5 days.

3) Can I join in all periods? Should I be registered in each period separately? You can join in all of the periods. But you must be registered in each period separately.

4) Is Music Village a stable place? Where do the activities take place? Music Village hasn’t got a stable place yet. Nontheless, as Music Village team we are planning to have a stable place. The activities take place in a site which the Music Village team rents. We are not stable in this site. We organize workshops and concerts in different places nearby like seasides or mountains.

5) Is there a certain quota for participation? The number of attenders are hosted in accordance with the capacity of the place rented. So to say, the number is limited.

6) Can I attend some concerts and other activities even though I am not an attender of the Music Village? You can attend concerts by contacting Music Village coordinators before at least two days.

7) Do I have to play an instrument in order to attend Music Village? You don’t have to. But activities are in accordance with the levels of the students. So to say, You don’t have to play an instrument but you should be a music lover.

8) When does the registration period start? It starts three days after the program is announced.

9) How can I register in Music Village? You need to download the application form from our web site and fill this form and send it to our mail address: muzikkoyu@gmail.com Your form will be viewed by the Music Village coordinators and they will reply you back.

10) Who is organizing Music Village? The Music Village is a Project of AKAD (Anatolian Cultures Study Organization) There are academicians, musicians, teachers and people from other job fields in the team. So to say, they are villagers who dedicate their lives to music.