The Music Village, which we established in Fethiye in 2015 as a humble expression of our deep respect and admiration for music traditions all over the world, is opening its doors to music lovers again after a two years obligatory break due to Covid 19. We are very happy to announce the Music Village program that will be held in Fethiye's Kargı Village between 13-18 August.

Participant Musicians & Workshops:

13-18 August

  • Arslan Hazreti  "Kamancha and Kemane"
  • Prof. Dr. F. Belma OĞUL "Bosnian Music ( Seminar )"
  • Birol Topaloğlu "Traditional Black Sea Region Music"
  • Cemil Qoçgiri "Tenbûr"
  • Chrysanthi Gkika “Greek repertoire of Istanbul and Asia Minor”
  • Etibar Asadli “Jazz, Mugam and More” “Traditional Music and the World” 
  • İberya Özkan Melaşvili “Traditional Polyphonic Georgian Music, Panduri, Salamuri, Accordion and Polyphonic Georgian Melodies Workshop”
  • Mehmet Günay Eser "Traditional Performance Techniques in Üçtelli"
  • Merih Aşkın “Aşkın Sazı and Fretless Guitar Workshop”
  • Onur Çalışkan "Clarinet and Local Playing Styles and Techniques in Anatolian Music"
  • Osman Kırca  "Concert and Conversation on Three-Strings" 
  • Salih Korkut Peker "Cümbüş Workshop"
  • Sami Hosseini "Rhythm workshop"
  • Selim Özyol "Zeybek Folk Dance"
  • Veka Aler "Vocal Techniques and Multilingual Repertoire"
  • Volkan Kaplan "Adaptation of folk songs to instrumental performance"

Registration begins on 15/05/2022

Registration ends on 03/08/2022

Accomodation is available as rooms for four people and also for tent in Music Village Fethiye 2022. Quota is limited. In order to registrate, you need to fill in the Preapplication Form and send it as an e-mail. You can receive the Preapplication Form by sending us an e-mail.


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