Music Village continues to bring us together in its fifth year through the 2019 summer program based on the interaction among leading diverse music cultures. Lending our ears to nature 's music, we are going to meet in Music Village Fethiye between the dates 17-21 August and 23-27 August as two different periods. Here is our program;

Participant Musicians & Workshops:

The First Period (17-21 August)

  • Ali Tekbaş “Workshop: Music Forms in Hakkâri (A province in the south east corner of Turkey)”
  • Bayram Salman “Tırnak Kemane- Hegit and Kabak Kemane’s Place in Anatolian Traditional Music”
  • Efrén López-Sanz “Workshop: Improvisation in Modal Music”
  • Fahri Çelebi "Workshop: Darbuka and Rhythm"
  • İberya Özkan Melaşvili “Traditional Polyphonic Georgian Music, Panduri and Salamuri, Traditional Polyphonic Georgian Songs Workshop”
  • Kemal Dinç "Bağlama Workshop"
  • Osman Kırca - Yusuf İhsan Bodur "Üçtelli"
  • Özgü Bulut "Workshop: Body Music and Soundpainting"
  • Riste Gjorgjijev “Workshop: Traditional Macedonian Dances, Instruments and Voice Technics”
  • Ruhat Kılıç Hosseini "Teke and Artvin Regions Traditional Dances"
  • Sami Hosseini "Def (Erbane) Workshop"
  • Veka Aler “Voice and Breathing Technics”

The Second Period (23-27 August)

  • Arslan Hazreti “Kamancha and Kemane”
  • Cenk Erdoğan “Workshop: Fretless Guitar”
  • Fahri Çelebi "Workshop: Darbuka and Rhythm"
  • Mehmet Günay Eser “Üçtelli”
  • Özgü Bulut "Workshop: Body Music and Soundpainting"
  • Rıza Can Özel “Workshop: Görele Kemenche and Black Sea Lyra” “Seminar: Diverse Playing Styles of Kemenche in East Black Sea Region”
  • Salih Korkut Peker “Seminar: Old and New School Modified Instruments in Urban Anatolian Music: Cümbüş and Çağlama” ; “Workshop: Ensemble Music”
  • Salih Nâzım Peker “Seminar: The Story of Zeybek From Turkey to Greece”
  • Selim Özyol "Zeybek Traditional Dance"
  • Seval Eroğlu “Workshop : Mouth and Larynx Technics” “Seminar: Traditional Music and Its Structure Within Gender Roles”
  • Theodora Athanassiou “Smyrna Style and Café Aman Rembetiko” (Rebetiko Composers From Asia Minor)”
  • Volkan Kaplan "Workshop: Bağlama Açış (Improvising in a Song Intro with Bağlama) & Usage of Bağlama in Studio (recording, mix and mastering)"
  • Zafer Taşdan “Workshop: Mey and Duduk”

Registration begins on 23/05/2019

Registration ends on 03/08/2019

Accomodation is available as rooms for four people and also for tent in Music Village Fethiye 2019. Quota is limited. In order to registrate, you need to fill in the Preapplication Form and send it as an e-mail. You can receive the Preapplication Form by sending us an e-mail.


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