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  • Music Village 2019 Program!
  • Üçtelli Quartet fascinated the South Korea!
  • Our Album “Melodies with Üçtelli From Anatolia”

News from the Village

Music Village 2019 Program!
27. 05. 2019
While the tree of the Music Village embraces the earth with its roots and the sky with its branches more tightly by the passing time, we are presenting you the 2018 Program which we prepared with diligence hoping to grow our tree.
Üçtelli Quartet Fascinated The South Korea!
14. 11. 2017
Üçtelli Quartet, made up of Üçtelli’s living legends and apprentices, gave two concerts and carried out one workshop in the 16th Jeonju International Sori Festival in Jeonju, Korea.
Our Album “Melodies with Üçtelli From Anatolia”
11. 09. 2017
Ali Ulutaş, Osman Kırca, Yusuf İhsan Bodur, who have been sepherds and living a life of nomads, and Mehmet Günay Eser who is a young üçtelli player came together fort he new album titled “Anadolu’dan Üçtelli Ezgiler” “Melodies with Üçtelli From Anatolia.”
Music Village Soul has been introduced in Mersin
02. 06. 2017
Turkey’s first and only Music Village project has been introduced in an event which took place in Mersin Ekinci Culture and Art Association on May 30, 2017, 18.30.
Our First Magazine Number One
13. 03. 2017
We have started our voyage two years ago as the Music Village team in Fethiye referring to the wisdom of these words: “Build your conservatories in the mountains.” “Every music detached from soil is doomed to die.”
What is Music Village in Ten Questions?
05. 05. 2015
1) Where is Music Village and when does it take place? Music Village is the combination of activities which take place in villages in Fethiye district of Muğla.These activities are held during summer. The Music Village team organizes other activities during the year as well.