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Accommodation and Price Information

The Music Village, with its beautiful nature, has the capacity to host you in bungalows with four-person rooms. Our village is close to the seaside fifteen minutes walk. 1 period costs 800 Turkish Liras which includes breakfast+dinner+workshops, concerts and seminars+accommodation for 6 days 5 nights. If you want to participate with your own tent, it costs 600 Turkish Liras.

From Music to Nature!

Music Village is the product of the belief that genuine music can be produced by being close to nature and its focus is the relationship between music and nature.

The first Music Village was held between 25-30 August 2015 in Fethiye, Muğla. This village was founded aiming to transfer the technics of the ever-present Anatolian instruments and musical traditions from masters to young musicians. It dreams about a collectivity where different musical disciplines and traditions exist together and learn from each other.


A Musical Journey from Tradition to Global

Music Village where there is no kind of distance between human beings and the soil, has established in adobe houses in Fethiye, Muğla.

Çalış – Fethiye is close to the most beautiful islands and coves of Mediterennean and it is full of forests of pines and liquidambar, rivers, orange and tangerine trees. Musicians are joining this village with their instruments: Kopuz, Bağlama, Three-String, Guitar, Ney, Pipe and others.


The Registrations Have Started for The Music Village

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The registrations have started for the Music Village where all the music lovers listening to the sounds of nature can attend.  Due date is 31st July. Many master musicians and…


Music Village Magazine

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You can read our magazine by downloading it from “Music Village Magazine” section. We wish you meet you again with the second issue of our magazine.


What is Music Village in Ten Questions

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1) Where is Music Village and when does it take place? Music Village is the combination of activities which take place in villages in Fethiye district of Muğla.These activities are…